Why aren't there supplies?


As stated on the home page, 

Our Federal, State and local governments are doing everything they can to keep our people on the front lines safe. Unfortunately, nearly everyone underestimated how the COVID 19 virus would spread and the massive demand for additional supplies that would be needed to keep our Frontliners safe.

Why a shortage? 

Due to the unexpected high demand, most countries and large buying groups went to china to purchase available products through their existing export relationships. As those channels sold out, many groups sought out large manufacturing cooperatives to fill their orders, but soon those groups too were out of stock. As supplies continued to dwindle, some groups went directly to large wholesale manufacturing companies as their last resort, and as we know they too have exhausted their surplus.

How can iCareHeroes get supplies when Governments can't? 

We, fortunately, have personal connections with several small manufacturing companies in China that do not typically export or have outside relationships with these huge buyers. Think of it from a farming example in the USA. International corn buyers can easily buy from large US cooperatives or even the mega farmers in Iowa, but it is almost impossible for a foreign government to buy corn from the privately owned, 10-acre family farm in small-town Missouri.

This is what iCareHeroes has been able to do in China. 

We have key personnel in small and mid-sized manufacturing facilities where we can purchase the FDA approved products we need.