Why we need donations.

What we've learned in the last few weeks. 

1. There are not enough supplies to go around, especially if you belong to a smaller healthcare group.

2. If you are “essential” but not in the medical field, it is the less likely you’ll get any help from the government.

3. Purchasing is too expensive and slow through retail channels.

We need to act quickly. If we delay, there will be an additional loss of life. Because the government can’t facilitate with these smaller venues, we need the public’s help to do it ourselves.

We need to pay for and ship these supplies and make them available to smaller hospitals and donate them to individuals like grocery workers, cleaning crews at nursing homes, ambulance drivers and the thousands of other Frontliners in hundreds of different professions in need.

One hundred percent of all donations will go to procure masks and other PPE’s and to deliver them to the Heroes on the front lines. No team leader or executive is receiving any compensation through this effort. We all have a personal story to tell why we are volunteering our time and talents to help irradicate this deadly COVID-19 virus.

Or text 'Help1' to 71777